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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

A yoga sailing trip is a unique experience. An absolutely different perception of an outdoor practice. But also, about yourself, your relationship with other people, the turquoise sea and the dreamy life on a luxury catamaran.

Common wellness retreats are great, but nothing compared to sail on a boat with the wind stroking your face, while you are practicing yoga in the deepest knowledge. Additionally, you will feel the adventure of discovering new secret hidden places, where the nature is pristine. There you will become aware, that the water can be more blue than the sky.

And that is not all! To experience the healing power of a yoga and sailing retreat is something intensely beautiful. For example, being with yourself in the silence afternoon, floating on a boat, quietly observing the sunset. Taking this time for you, to set apart the routine of your life, and sharing a deep breath with people in the same harmony.

What does a yoga sailing holiday mean?

A yoga sailing trip is a complete package. You exercise yoga with world renowned teachers and connect with people and environment in a higher level. You live astonishing adventures feeling the present every moment, eating the finest and healthier food for your body and soul. Happiness is a constant and all symptoms of stress will go away.

A meaningful relationship with the crew and the nature around you

Create a special connection with your chosen yoga teacher, the Capitan, and the rest of the navigators. Be able to intake so much from the nature and the sea, that we are sure this memory will last forever.

After setting sail from the dock, you are going to experience yoga every day in unforgettable beaches, surrounded by pure nature. You will also be able to enjoy swimming, taking healthy sunbathing and relax watching the infinite horizon.

Everyday the Captain takes you to magnificent places around the islands, depending on the wind and the weather. You will find yourself in the most amazing coastlines practising yoga. This will bring you a sensation of grounding, to rebalance after some hours floating on water.

In this yoga sailing holidays, you will disconnect from everything that worries you on land, obtaining as a result a restful sleep.

Life and sailing on a luxury catamaran

This kind of yoga retreat allows you to experience life on a splendid catamaran with all the amenities and the latest technologies to offer you an amazing time onboard. 

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn to sail together with professional skippers, who will share their passion with you and take care of your safety while giving you some real splash of adventure!

Adventures in which you can be the protagonist!

Every single day, you can expect to discover the most charming bays and stunning coastal villages. Exploring different islands will give you adventures full of amazement and emotions. In these special places, you will flow in yoga with the greatest balance of body and mind.

In addition, you can go snorkeling, hiking, paddling so you can really feel that you touched nature.

After living all the adventures in this catamaran yoga retreat, you will go back home having experienced the most magical moments and conversations.

Fine Dining

In this type of yoga travel, you will enjoy eating healthy and delicious Mediterranean food. The ingredients are always fresh, local and combined in the best way, to provide maximum nutrients to your body. Every meal is planned to perfection.

Why does yoga and sailing make sense?

Because it’s perfect to get closer to the nature in an amazing trip, where you can abstract from all, into the practise of yoga. You will find yourself calmer and more peaceful, so you can dive deep into you mind and learn more about you and your soul.

Experiences are a state of mind. If you combine them with yoga and sailing, you will free yourself, so that you can reach this sensation in depth.

A new group arrived at this yoga wellness retreats

Yoga retreats on boats and villas are becoming a way of life chosen by more and more people. It's the new lifestyle a lot of people are looking for but, in some cases, they don’t dare to live. They are afraid to live their comfort zone, which reports them security, but not total happiness. 

Fortunately, there is another group of people, who are already living their dream of working, practicing yoga and sailing.

Network professionals, influencers and digital nomads

Nowadays, digital retreats focused on creating content and organizing workshops with network professionals, influencers and clients, are becoming increasingly popular.

Yoga retreats and new digital professions are a perfect match, because in this type of trip the team members or clients can de-stress the accumulative pressures of their daily routine. They can also focus on the new projects they are handling, in a really calm environment without distractions.

In addition, living this kind of experience improves relationships and strengthens the trust of the work team and clients. The true is, that practicing yoga can help us to better carry out the most demanding and complicated work and improve the mood significantly.

You can expect that those who attend, participate in this yoga sailing trip not only ask questions, but also get involved in the development of the project and can contribute knowledge to the other attendees.

Benefits of a yoga retreat sailing

As a summary we want to name the incredible benefits that you will have for an experience of this magnitude.

1-You will advance considerably in your yoga practice.

2-It gives you time for you to relax.

3-It allows you to surround yourself with your favorite teachers.

4-It makes it easy for you to create new habits, as eating healthier

5-It makes you meet people with the same interests as you and have a lot of fun.

6-Allows you to know new and incredible places.

And much more...

Would you dare to live something as intense and deep as a yoga retreat on a luxury catamaran? Don't miss this epic adventure. We can assure you, that you will have an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Written by Paola Kirchheimer for Yoga Sailing Trip