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Wellness and Yoga Retreats
on luxury catamarans


While exploring yourself threw a deep yoga practice, we also offer you endless possibilities to explore the world and experience an exotic yoga retreat from the turquoise waters of the Balearic Islands, to a white sand beach in the Caribbean's Islands, passing by the fantastic archipelagos in Thailand.

Exploring is more than travelling. It is a state of mind.

That is why we also propose you tailor-made trips and let you choose the destination and the dates. If one of your dream destination is not in our list, we would be happy to design this trip for you and make your dream possible.

By going out of your comfort zone, and by doing things you never thought you would do, be the one you want to be.

We only have one life... But so many trips to do!

Explore yourself - Explore with us!



Romain Ferlet



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